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Catalyst Design Lab
Madelyn Ball - Assistant Professor


27. Kulkarni, M.; Roy, D.; Khuu, N.H.; Sanyal, O; Ball, M.R.; Expanding the toolbox for development of metal-based dual-functional catalytic membranes. AIChE Journal. 69, 11, e18238 (2023). *Featured on issue cover*

Prior to WVU

26. Nezam, I.; Zhou, W.; Shah, D.R.; Bukhovko, M.P.; Ball, M.R.; Gusmão, G.S.; Medford, A.J.; Jones, C.W.;
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25. Ball, M.R.; Proano, L;, Nezam, I.; Lee, D.C.; Alamgir, F.; Jones, C.W.; Citral Hydrogenation over Dilute Alloy Catalysts.       ChemCatChem. e202201396 (2023).
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