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Catalyst Design Lab
Madelyn Ball - Assistant Professor


CHE 325 Chemical Reaction Engineering 

Application of material balances, energy balances, chemical equilibrium relations, and chemical kinetic expressions to the design of chemical reactors.

Combined junior level course project
Within the CHE 325 course, students work on a design project in conjunction with CHE 312 Separations and CHE 355 Process Modeling. 

The goals of this project include:
  • Having students work in teams to solve open ended chemical engineering problems 
  • Integrate topics and knowledge from multiple courses 
  • Combine analytical and computational tools for solving separation and reaction engineering problems 

Kinetics & Catalysis 

Discussion of a variety of topics related to both theoretical and experimental evaluation of heterogeneous catalysts, with an emphasis on thermocatalytic systems. Topics include chemical kinetics, microkinetic modeling for heterogeneous catalysis, reaction rate theory, synthesis and characterization of solid materials, and topics related to measurement of experimental rate data.

Taught Fall 2022 as CHE 726

Taught Fall 2023 as CHE 493/593